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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Contact Information

Call Lipscomb from anywhere in the continental United States toll-free!

Nashville calling area, Alaska and Hawaii 615.966.1000
From anywhere else in the continental U.S. 800.333.4358
Use this guide to call an office directly.

President 615.966.1787
Provost 615.966.1789
Senior Vice President/Finance and Administration 615.966.7650
Senior Vice President 615.966.5275
Vice President/Development 615.966.6215
Vice President/University Relations 615.966.5668
Admissions 615.966.1776
Adult Degree Program 615.966.5948
Business Office 615.966.1778
Campus Life 615.966.5690
  College of Bible and Ministry 615.966.6049
  College of Business 615.966.5950
  College of Computing and Technology 615.966.1194
  College of Education 615.966.6076
  The Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering 615.966.6244
  College of Entertainment and the Arts 615.966.5186
  College of Leadership and Public Service 615.966.7140
  College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 615.966.6146
  College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 615.966.7160
  College of Professional Studies 615.966.1100
Financial Aid 615.966.1791
Graduate Studies  
  Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies 615.966.6287
  Aging Services 615.966.1015
  Biomolecular Science 615.966.5174
  Business 615.966.1833
  Civic Leadership 615.966.6155
  Computing and Technology 615.966.1194
  Conflict Management 615.966.7140
  Education 615.966.5173
  Engineering Management 615.966.5039
  Entertainment and the Arts 615.966.5186
  Exercise and Nutrition Science 615.966.5700
  Health Care Informatics 615.966.7227
  Leadership and Public Service 615.966.7140
  Psychology, Counseling and Family Science 615.966.5906
  Sustainable Practice 615.966.1771
  Theology 615.966.6053
Registrar 615.966.1788

L. Randolph Lowry, President
W. Craig Bledsoe, Provost

One University Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37204-3951