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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Financial Information


Traditional Undergraduate
Fall/Spring Per Semester Per Year
Tuition (block rate for 12-18 hours) $ 16,506 $ 33,012
General Student Fee (12-18 hours)      1,370      2,740
Room and Board      6,882    13,764

Total basic cost for typical student


$ 24,758 $ 49,516
Hourly Rates Fall/Spring
Part-time hourly rate (1-11 hours) per hour $1,376
Hourly rate (19 or more hours) per hour 790
General Student Fee (1-11 hours) per hour 116

Basic Charges for Other Programs
Certificate of Accountancy Program per hour $   525
English for Academic Purposes per semester 7,500
IDEAL Program per semester 8,188
Room and Board Charges
Fall/Spring Per Semester
The Village - Double Occupancy  $5,050
The Village - Single Occupancy 6,716
Bison Hall - Double Occupancy  4,950
Elam, Johnson (traditional), or High Rise - Double/Triple Occupancy 4,020
Johnson (traditional) - Single Occupancy 5,345
Fanning or Sewell - Double/Triple Occupancy 3,908
Fanning - Single Occupancy 5,195
Johnson (addition) - Double/Triple Occupancy 4,280
Johnson (addition) (Fall or Spring) Single Occupancy 5,690
Meal Plans
Fall/Spring Per Semester
(All students who reside in Lipscomb University residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.)  
Bison Herd (12 dining hall meals per week with $600 Dining Dollars) $2,860
Bison Traveler (7 dining hall meals per week with $650 Dining Dollars) 1,978
Bison Unlimited (with $425 Dining Dollars) 3,080
Bison Unlimited (with $250 Dining Dollars) 2,862
The Freshmen Commuter (45 dining hall meals with $75 dining dollars) 525
The Village Residents (all Dining Dollars) 1,352
Global Learning Meal Plan 3,057

Note: Meal plans are valid for the current semester only. Dining Dollars will roll over from fall to spring semester if a spring semester meal plan is purchased. All Dining Dollars expire at the end of the spring semester.

Global Learning Room and Board
Global Learning Housing (Vienna, London, Florence, & Costa Rica) $5,050
Global Learning Meal Plan 3,057
Enrollment Fee - Freshman (covering Advance and QuestWeek) - add $20 per Advance guest registration $ 260
Enrollment Fee - Transfer (covering Transfer Advance or Transfer Express and QuestWeek) 215
College of Education - supervision of individual field experience 250
edTPA Fee for edTPA Seminar 700
College of Education - Ed.D. Capstone Fee (charged in the last semester of coursework) 100
College of Education Student Teaching Fee 400
College of Education edTPA Fee for Student Teaching Seminar (for initial licensure only) 300
Dietetics Internship Fee 2,500
General Student Fee - 12 hrs (<12 hrs-$116 per hour); includes Health, Safety, IT, SAC, SGA, and Library Fees 1,370
Global Learning Semester Abroad Fee - Florence, Vienna & Costa Rica 3,900
Global Learning Semester Abroad Fee - London 4,000
Housing Processing Fee (excludes The Village) 150
Housing Processing Fee - The Village 200
Private Music Instruction (one half-hour lesson per week, per semester) in addition to tuition (non-refundable after first week) 400
Private Music Instruction (one half-hour lesson per week, per semester) not for credit (non-refundable after first week) 570
Private Music Instruction (two half-hour lessons per week, per semester) in addition to tuition (non-refundable after first week) 720
Private Music Instruction (two half-hour lessons per week, per semester) not for credit (non-refundable after first week) 980
Returned Payment Fee 30
Monthly Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (per semester) 60
Transcript Fee 5
Undergraduate Application Fee 50
Nursing Fees  3,215

Note: Lipscomb University reserves the right to adjust any fees at any time before the charges are incurred by the student.

Payment Options

Financial arrangements for all student charges should be made before classes start based on the published dates: Fall - Aug. 1 | Spring - Dec. 1 | Summer - May 1. To meet the financial needs of our students and their families, Lipscomb offers the following payment options. Students who have not designated one of the following payment options will not be eligible to attend classes:

I. Monthly Payment Plan
Lipscomb University offers monthly payment plan options that allow students to pay semester expenses with equal monthly payments ending in October (for fall), March (for spring) or July (for summer). The plans have a non-refundable enrollment fee of $60 per semester. Payments are drafted on the 25th of each month. Note: Payment plans will not include prior term charges.
II. Full Pay

Under this plan the entire balance (less any verified financial aid) is paid before classes begin based on the published dates. Credit card and ACH payments can be made online. Check payments can be made at the cashier’s window.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for all financial aid, outside scholarships, loans and payments prior to the beginning of the term. When calculating your full pay balance, do not deduct any estimated work study award.

Financial Responsibility
Registration at the University is considered a binding contract. Students are not permitted to register for classes or receive transcripts or diploma until all financial obligations to the University are satisfied.
Students are responsible for informing the Registrar’s Office of any change in billing address.

Delinquent Accounts

Past due accounts are subject to interest at 1.5 percent per month (18 percent annually). Failure to meet financial obligations to the University may result in the delinquent account being placed with a collection agency. Students are responsible for reimbursing the University for the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.3 percent of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in such collection efforts.
Business Office Holds
Students who have not satisfied their financial obligations will be placed on hold. Students on a Business Office hold are not permitted to register for classes or receive transcripts or diploma.
Title IV Stipend Policy

A stipend will be issued for any credit balance on a student account resulting from Title IV funds no later than 14 days after credit occurred. Direct deposit is the preferred method.

Title IV Refund Policy
I. Tuition

Refunds will be calculated based on the official date of drop or withdrawal as defined below:
•100 percent refund must drop or withdraw before the end of the equivalent of two weeks of class;
•No refund of tuition after the end of the equivalent of the second week of class; and
•Refunds for non-traditional meeting times are based on the schedule above using equivalent weeks of class time rather than calendar weeks. For example, in a three-credit-hour class, 150 minutes of class
time equals one week.

II. Room Charges
Students who withdraw from the university on or before the end of the first week of class will receive a full refund of room charges.
 • If a student officially withdraws on or before the end of the fourth week, a 33 percent refund of room charges will be credited to the account. To be eligible for the room refund, the student must return
the student ID card, remove belongings from the room and follow check out procedures. (Please refer to “Official Withdrawal” section.)
Note: Students enrolled in non-traditional terms will receive a refund of 33 percent of dorm charges if officially withdrawn on or before the first quarter of the term.
• Students who choose to move off campus but fail to notify the housing office are not eligible for refund of dorm charges, unless the student is forced to leave the dorm for one of the following approved reasons:
  1. Medical reasons confirmed in writing by licensed physician.
  2. Death of immediate family member.
  3. Extenuating circumstances affecting military personnel.
A prorated refund amount will be determined based on the date appropriate information is received and accepted by the housing office.
III. Refund of Meal Plan Charges
Only meal plan selections cancelled prior to the first day of classes will be eligible for a refund.
Dropping Courses
During the official drop/add period, students are able to drop or add online. After that time, a Drop/Add Form must be completed and accepted in the Registrar’s Office. The official drop date will be the faculty-reported last date of attendance/participation in the course.
Adding Courses
No reduction in tuition is provided for courses added at any time during the semester. Before adding or dropping classes, students should ensure that they understand how the course load changes will affect their student account, including the impact on loans, scholarships, and grants as applicable.
Official Withdrawal
• Students desiring to officially withdraw from the University must obtain a Withdrawal Form from the Registrar’s Office and supply all requested information and required signatures.
• The completed Student Withdrawal Form and the student ID card must be received in the Business Office before an adjustment can be made to the student’s financial record.
• The official withdrawal date will be the faculty-reported last date of attendance/participation in the course.
• The deadline for official withdrawal from the University is the last day of classes prior to the final exam period of each semester.
Suspension, probation or withdrawal after the specified dates does not result in reduced charges or additional credits on the student bill.