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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Mathematics

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Carroll G. Wells, Professor and Department  Chair
Brandon Banes, Assistant Professor
John J. Beauchamp, Professor
Randy E. Bouldin, Professor
Gary C. Hall, Professor
Doy O. Hollman, Professor
Mark A. Miller, Professor
Amy W. Nelson, Professor

The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to teach courses with the intent of increasing literacy and competency in mathematics and providing the academic foundation for those who desire to be professional mathematicians, mathematics educators or to work in areas that require a strong mathematical background. There is a constant and growing demand for training in the mathematical sciences in our modern technological society. Students may select from a wide range of course offerings including courses designed for general education, for pre-professional studies (engineering, medicine, law and so forth), and for major programs. Both the B.A. and B.S. degrees are offered with either the regular major, applied major or the teaching major in mathematics. 

Distinctives of the Mathematics Department

The department offers majors in mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics education with countless opportunities in each major. Students graduating with the mathematics major are prepared to enter graduate studies in mathematics or to become a practicing mathematician. Recent graduates are now actuaries, statisticians or doctoral candidates at major graduate institutions. Graduates with the mathematics education major are highly sought to be high school mathematics teachers. The applied mathematics major is used in conjunction with other science, business or engineering majors.

The department currently has a Math/Science Partnership Grant from the Tennessee State Department of Education to provide summer professional development institutes
for area mathematics teachers. These institutes focus on innovative use of hands-on activities and technology in the teaching of mathematics.

During the past ten years, several of the mathematics department faculty have received some of the most prestigious awards given by Lipscomb University including: the Laine Travel Award, the Baker Award, and several awards for outstanding teaching and advising.

Students also have the opportunity for employment as tutors in the mathematics lab, participation in summer internships at local firms, involvement in the mathematics club, directed research possibilities with faculty, and private tutoring opportunities. 

Career Opportunities

  • Graduate study or work in government and industry

  • Operations research

  • Statistics

  • Computer science

  • Quality control

  • Actuary

  • Teaching at the secondary school level 

Program of Study Requirements

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