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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizational Leadership Major

B.P.S Organizational Leadership Major Requirements:

Nina Morel, Dean



Lipscomb University has launched the first and only competency-based education program approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership. This program is based on the research of Organization Systems International (OSI), using OSI’s Polaris® competency model. Polaris includes 41 communication, interpersonal, leadership, personal, contextual, management, and conceptual competencies.  Other organizations utilizing OSI’s unique competency system include Wendy’s International Inc., Service Master, Nike, Petco and AT&T. While OSI has worked with a small number of higher education institutions, Lipscomb is truly the pioneer of a degree program based on this competency model.

Beginning in 2016-17, the FlexPACE version of this major is offered as a pilot under the US Department of Education Experimental Sites Initiative in a completely competency-based education, subscription-model.  Students in this program will also agree to follow guidelines outlined in the CBE Experimental Sites Initiative Program Handbook.

Distinctive Attributes of the Organizational Leadership Major

The College of Professional Studies offers competency-based assessments through our CORE Assessment Center. Students with two or more years of professional or military experience may be assessed in 15 competency areas. For the B.P.S. degree, students who are assessed at a Level 2 (3000-level) or above badge can transcribe college credit toward their major. Students placing at Level 1 (2000-level) may receive elective credit. Students may apply up to 30 credits earned through competency assessment toward their B.P.S. degree. In addition to credits, students will receive an electronic or digital badge for each level of competency they demonstrate in the CORE Assessment Center, beginning at Level 1. Students who visit the CORE Assessment Center but do not demonstrate competency at the level needed for their degree will then register for an online, self-paced module that includes activities and personal coaching with a faculty member to help them reach the necessary or desired competency level.

Students may earn up to 30 credits through competency-based behavioral assessment. Since Lipscomb is assessing and awarding the credit, credit hours earned by assessment in the assessment center may count toward the last 30 credit hours earned in residence at Lipscomb. Of the 15 competencies on which students may be assessed, six are considered the “big six” leadership competency core and are required for an Organizational Leadership major.

The major must include an 18-hour or greater academic concentration area, nine of which must be distinct and six must be taken at Lipscomb. 

Upper Division CORE Electives (6 credits)

Organizational Leadership Concentration (18 hours)

The following concentration options are the approved choices for the B.P.S. in Organizational Leadership. 

Organizational Leadership Minor

Total hours required- 18

Non-B.P.S. students may select a minor or concentration in Organizational Leadership. Students pursuing a minor or concentration must first complete CORE 1000 (SetPACE)/OGLD 3404 (FlexPACE). 

  • Students choose six, three-credit CORE comptencies at the 3000-level or above as determined in consultation with the program director.

Data Analysis for Leaders Certificate

The Data Analysis for Leaders Certificate/Concentration is a strategically focused program that bridges a gap between traditional leadership training and technology.  The program focuses on training students to use technology and data analysis tools and techniques to maximize decision-making effectiveness within the context of an organization.  Students will learn to analyze data and leverage modern software tools which allow them to quickly make important business decisions.

Technology Management for Leaders Certificate

This certificate will provide students, from any background (complete accessibility/approachability), with the ability to be organizational leaders by understanding and leveraging Information Technology to run their organizations more effectively and efficiently.