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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Honors College

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Students may opt to finish The Honors College either as an Honors College Graduate or as an Honors College Scholar. In either case, a student must complete the core curriculum and must have at least a cumulative 3.5 GPA in all courses at graduation. The core reflects the philosophy of The Honors College that all courses should adopt an interdisciplinary approach to learning. The following core curriculum for The Honors College does not add any additional hours to a student’s normal course load.

Core Curriculum:

Students may complete The Honors College requirements at one of two levels.  The Honors College Scholar will complete the first four courses of the core, plus at least six (6) hours selected from listed additional courses and/or by completing honors contracts, at least 18 honors hours.  The Honors College Fellow will complete the two remaining courses in the core leading to a senior project, at least 22 honors hours.  

Additional Courses for Honors Credit:

Honors sections of the following courses are also available for accumulating credit hours in The Honors College, but they are not required.  In non-honors sections of these courses, honors students will earn honors credit via contract.  

Additional Requirements:

The Honors College Scholar must make a presentation at the Lipscomb University Student Scholars Symposium or at a state, regional, or national conference.

The Honors College Fellow must complete the additional four hours of course work EITHER to prepare and defend an honors thesis OR to present a creative work OR to complete the SALT Scholar program. Students who plan to pursue a research-oriented graduate program should seriously consider the thesis option. Students who opt to become a Lipscomb University SALT Scholar must complete honors requirements in their SALT capstone to qualify as an Honors College Fellow. In addition, The Honors College Fellow must have at least two scholarly presentations either at the Lipscomb University Student Scholars Symposium or at a state, regional, or national academic conference.

Students who complete The Honors College requirements will receive recognition on their transcript and in the commencement program at graduation. They will also receive a stole to wear at the graduation ceremony.

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