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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

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Bart Liddle, Academic Chair, Assistant Professor
Joseph BamberVisiting Professor
Andrew S. Borchers, Professor
Charles G. Capps, Associate Professor
Jeff Cohu, Associate Professor
John E. Crawford, Professor
Lindsay Dillingham, Assistant Professor
Allison B. Duke, Associate Professor
C. Ray Eldridge, Professor
Jerold Givens, Clinical Professor
Rick Holoway, Assistant Professor
Joseph M. Ivey, Jr., Assistant Professor
Natasha Johnson, Instructor
John Lowry, Assistant Professor
L. Randolph Lowry, Professor
Phil Pfeffer, CEO in Residence
Brad Reid, Professor
Chéri Sides, Assistant Professor
Leanne W. Smith, Assistant Professor
Jerry Stubblefield, Clinical Professor
Rob Touchstone, Instructor
Fred Weigel, Associate Professor
Michael Winegeart, Assistant Professor
The mission of the management program is for students to learn the requisite skills, knowledge and Christian perspectives needed to successfully function in the role of CEO, general manager or entrepreneur. Students will be prepared to do well and do good works.
The mission of the entrepreneurship program is to infuse entrepreneurial thinking for business and non-business majors alike and inspire students to create value from innovative ideas in the for-profit, social and business as mission sectors.
The mission of the marketing program is to prepare students for the challenging task of helping organizations enter into mutually beneficial relationships with customers, whatever their nature. To this end, the major programs of study are designed to acquaint students with business philosophies and activities that enable them to understand the ever-changing consumer groups of many types of organizations.  These include organizations that are for-profit or non-profit in orientation, manufacturing or services product types and public or private in ownership. Further, students are expected to develop an understanding of important marketing activities through course related activities and then apply and practice those activities through projects, papers and internships.

Distinctives of the Management Major

The College of Business offers a management major with five concentrations that prepare students for careers in a variety of organizations. The major helps bridge the transition from academic to professional life by requiring all students to complete an internship in their area of concentration. This gives them a competitive advantage in the post-graduation marketplace. With over 36,000 employers within 30 minutes of campus, students have a wide range of internship and career options.
The College of Business has recently expanded its entrepreneurship offering to cover traditional for-profit, social and Business as Mission approaches. This program blends traditional business school curriculum with courses from the College of Bible.  Students have many opportunities to practice their skills in a variety of co-curricular activities.

All business majors have international experiences available beyond the traditional semester long university offerings. These include a popular Maymester trip to Europe and Business as Mission trips to support entrepreneurs in the developing world.  

Management faculty are thoroughly prepared as they average many years of real-world management experience and classroom teaching experience. Management faculty achievements include innovative research that has led to a best paper award from Proceedings of the Academy of Management, regular contributions to the Huffington Post, and a number of published case studies used at schools throughout the world. Faculty facilitate a rich learning environment for students that addresses both current management theory and practical experience.

Other Events and Programs

  • Business Chapels. The College of Business conducts a number of breakout chapel services throughout each fall and spring term.  Students hear Christian leaders express how their faith intersects with their careers and lives.
  • Career and Networking Events. Students can network with employers at these event and learn about career opportunities. We also host Professional Men’s and Women’s fashion events.
  • Society for Human Resource Management. Students can participate in our SHRM chapter and attend professional meetings with business leaders in the area.
  • Internships. Students are required to participate in the internship program where students work in a professional environment while earning academic credit. Many also receive financial compensation.
  • Entrepreneurship. Students can participate in a variety of activities surrounding entrepreneurship including new venture pitch competitions, entrepreneurship internships and business as mission trips. The annual Kittrell competition includes cash prizes for promising ventures.
  • Student Center for the Public Trust. Lipscomb University is home to the inaugural Student Center for the Public Trust chapter, created in 2009 by the NASBA Center for the Public Trust, to focus on educating and engaging future business leaders on ethics, accountability and integrity. The mission of the SCPT is to promote ethical thinking in the developing character and conscience of students. The SCPT enables students to develop a real awareness of ethical issues that will provide a moral and ethical foundation for their lives.
  • Aspire Fellows Honors program.  This year-long program helps top business majors bridge academic and career worlds. Details are provided above. 
  • Honors program.  The College of Business supports students in the Honors college with special sections of core business classes, trips to meet business leaders and tours.  

Distinctives of the Marketing Major

The College of Business offers majors in marketing. With a B.B.A. in Marketing, students learn how to bring a product or service from the idea stage to marketplace acceptance and how to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and in your career. B.B.A. Marketing majors can choose to concentrate their studies in one of four areas - corporate marketing, strategic new media, marketing for entrepreneurs, and professional relationship marketing.
Marketing student achievements at Lipscomb University include working on real-life marketing projects with local businesses and social enterprises and finding high quality internships with local and national firms.
Graduates apply marketing degrees to almost every field imaginable. Students at Lipscomb often find entry or advancement opportunities in internet media, advertising agencies, PR firms, corporate marketing departments, marketing research, brand management, sales and customer relationship management. There are also career opportunities in non-profit organizations such as registered charities, arts groups and special interest communities.

Other Events and Programs

  • Annual Career and Networking Event. Students can network with employers at this event and learn about career opportunities.
  • Internships. Students are encouraged to participate in the internship program where students work in a professional environment while earning academic credit. Many also receive financial compensation.
  • Awards of Excellence and Scholarship. Junior and seniors with strong academic records majoring in marketing are recognized for their excellence and scholarship at the annual College of Business awards banquet.
  • Aspire Fellows Honors program.  This year-long program helps top business majors bridge academic and career worlds. Details are provided above. 
  • Honors program.  The College of Business supports students in the Honors college with special sections of core business classes, trips to meet business leaders and tours.

Management Major

The management major includes a common set of three core courses (MG 3813 Data Driven Decision Making, MG 4403 - Organizational Behavior: Global Perspectives (3) F, SP, and MG 390V - Internship in Management (1-10) F, SP, SU ) and a choice of four courses from one of five concentration areas. The College of Business has designed each concentration to give the student a deeper level of knowledge in a specific area and increase placement opportunities. The concentrations include corporate management, entrepreneurship, human resources management, international business, and supply chain management.

Corporate Management

This is a broad-based business major that offers students broad choices of course work. Emphasis is placed on acquiring the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to successfully plan, organize, lead and control large organizations.  Students with an interest in sustainability may choose this concentration and select course work in sustainability.


Entrepreneurship, the pursuit of value-creating opportunities, is the foundation of both the economic and philanthropic systems of the United States and most countries around the world. The College of Business has fashioned our entrepreneurship program to embrace traditional, for-profit, social and business as mission approaches. The importance of entrepreneurship is underscored by a number of facts.  First, the US Small Business Administration estimates that Americans start roughly 6 million new businesses each year and that small business generates 65% of net new jobs in the economy. Second, according to the Urban Institute, the number of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. has grown by more than 50 percent in the past 10 years. In addition, many for-profit businesses recognize the need to contribute to improving the society in which they operate. Finally, many in the business and faith community have recognized the importance of integrating faith and business in Business as Mission and Faith at Work efforts. This concentration focuses on the unique competencies that enable entrepreneurs to succeed in a dynamic but uncertain environment creating sustainable for-profit, social and business as mission enterprises.

Human Resources Management

This concentration focuses on mastery of specific human resources functions including job analysis, recruiting, selection, retention, compensation, training, development, employee relations and employment law. The curriculum emphasizes the strategic role of human resource professionals in today’s organizations and is built upon Society for Human Resource Management certification requirements.

International Business

As the global economy continues to grow, the demand for international business education is higher than ever and expected to increase. The international business concentration prepares students for future management roles with global companies or those companies providing significant expatriate opportunities by increasing understanding of international cultures, business, marketing and finance.

Supply Chain Management

Lipscomb University’s College of Business now offers a supply chain management concentration within the B.B.A. in Management. SCM is a dynamic and growing field that focuses on the movement of goods and services from suppliers to end customers. 

Career Opportunities

  • Owning and operating a business
  • Leadership roles in large multi-national corporations
  • Managing small-to medium-sized firms
  • Positions with U.S. and international governmental agencies
  • Creating and operating new enterprises - for-profit, non-profit and business as mission
  • Human resource management
  • Employee training and development
  • Employee recruitment and talent management
  • Employee relations
  • Compensation and benefits analyst or manager
  • Sustainability analyst
  • Operations and supply chain analyst or manager

Marketing Majors

For students wishing to prepare for a career in marketing, the College of Business offers the B.B.A. in Marketing degree. This major gives students a course of study that provides students the full complement of conceptual and quantitative courses needed to prepare for marketing positions in business. Students complete a common set of four core courses ( MK 3533 - Marketing Management (3) F, SP MK 3733 Marketing Strategy   , MK 4533 Marketing Research and Plans , and MK 390V Internship in Marketing  ) and a concentration area. B.B.A. Marketing majors can choose to concentrate their studies in one of four areas -corporate marketing, strategic new media marketing, marketing for entrepreneurs and professional relationship marketing.

Corporate Marketing

The concentration in corporate marketing provides a student with the broadest and most general study in marketing. Built on a mastery of all core business disciplines, this concentration places its emphasis on acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to plan and carry out comprehensive marketing strategies.

Strategic New Media Marketing

The rapid growth of the Internet and social media has fundamentally changed the marketing field. The College of Business designed this concentration to give students the knowledge and skills needed to compete in this environment. This cross-disciplinary concentration combines the strengths of the College of Business, the Department of Communications, the Department of Art and the College of Computing and Technology to equip marketing students for this dynamic business environment.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

For students with an entrepreneurial spirit, this concentration provides skills useful for essential marketing functions of new or startup firms. In combination with an understanding of other business functions developed through the College of Business core courses, students in this concentration will gain many of the skills needed to make new ventures successful.

Professional Relationship Marketing

Organizations in the marketplace are constantly seeking motivated and talented communicators to take messages about those organizations and their products or causes to current and potential customers or donors. The College of Business has designed sales courses to provide knowledge of the techniques needed for effective communication and selling. The College of Business prepares students for coursework and a sales internship to begin a career in the challenging and rewarding world of professional selling.

Career Opportunities

  • Product managers
  • Sales and sales management
  • Internet and social media marketers
  • Marketing research assistants
  • Field sales representatives
  • Advertising copywriters
  • Media buyers
  • Retail buyers

Program of Study Requirements


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