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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Professional Studies

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Nina Morel, Dean
Regina Henry, Director of Academic Programs
Hope Nordstrom, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

The College of Professional Studies is the home of Lipscomb Online, an innovative fully online undergraduate degree. Through this program, the college addresses current workforce needs by offering professional, continuing and interdisciplinary studies. Several undergraduate and graduate certificates address workforce needs, and “stack” toward Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Professional Studies, or Master of Professional Studies degrees. Electronic badges, certificates, and degrees are awarded by the college.

The College of Professional Studies focuses on innovative online, competency-based learning experiences. Two “paces” of work are offered to meet the needs of busy working professionals. The first, FlexPACE, is a 6 month subscription that allows students to take undergraduate courses at their own pace. The second SetPACE, provides curriculum condensed into 8 week blocks for undergraduate and graduate students. Both programs provide a state of the art online learning experience with transparent, consistent learning targets and rich feedback from instructors.

As professional growth and leadership is at the heart of our curriculum, all programs include assessment, online training, and coaching in leadership competencies. Students participate in a one day simulation of a “day at work” and can earn up to 30 undergraduate and 6 graduate credits for the price of one 3 hour course. They are given objective feedback of their strengths, and then work with a performance coach to enhance areas where growth is needed.

Undergraduate majors in Integrated Studies and Organizational Leadership are offered. Integrated Studies allows students to choose two concentrations that would work together to support their professional goals. This major includes required courses emphasizing integrated thought, vocation, personal development, career planning, global skills and other key topics.  Organizational Leadership focuses on leadership in one academic area. Students are required to demonstrate six competencies research indicates are correlated to success as a leader. Using their competency assessment as a baseline, they work in online learning modules, simulations, and real world settings to hone these skills. A performance coach serves as the faculty member guiding them in this professional and personal growth. These skills are then applied in their field of concentration and in an authentic capstone project. 

The College of Professional Studies also houses the LIFE (Lipscomb Initiative for Education Program) which selects courses from the university curriculum and relocates them from campus to the Tennessee Prison for Women in west Nashville.

The offerings of the College of Professional Studies evolve as we develop new certificate and degree offerings for students who seek to advance their careers in growing industries and emerging fields.