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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Integrated Studies B.A., B.P.S., B.S.

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Nina Morel, Dean

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Professional Studies in Integrated Studies

Integrated studies allows students to custom design a course of study that matches their professional and personal interests and goals. The program provides students with a cross-disciplinary perspective and prepares students for a variety of careers with breadth of knowledge and excellent problem-solving skills for today’s rapidly changing work environment.

The Integrated Studies program permits students to take courses from several academic areas to prepare themselves for a job market that requires skills and knowledge from more than a single traditional academic discipline. These students may be motivated by specific interests not recognized in traditional majors but can take advantage of the cross-disciplinary perspective.

Additionally, the program is ideal for students who have earned college credits elsewhere. The program is flexible and most courses can be counted toward the degree if the student can articulate a legitimate connection to the individual development plan.

The major must include two concentration areas (12 hours per area) with at least six upper-division credits per concentration. No course may be counted in more than one concentration. Students may select Organizational Leadership as one of their concentrations for a competency-based option.

Students must take 12 additional credit hours of related upper-division elective courses. These courses may be drawn from the concentration areas, selected from other areas complementary to the student’s individual development plan, or come from credits earned through the CORE Competency Assessment Center. No more than 24 semester hours in business coursework will count toward graduation requirements.

In addition to General Education and Bible, the Integrated Studies major requires 48 credit hours based on the following:

Concentration 1 (12 credits)

Concentration 2 (12 credits)

Upper-Division Electives (12 credits)

B.A. in Integrated Studies

B.A. Requirements: 8 hours of Foreign Language. 

B.P.S. in Integrated Studies

B.P.S. Requirements: Two leadership competencies. 

B.S. in Integrated Studies

B.S. Requirements: 15 total hours of Math/Science

Aging Services Minor:

This minor is only available on ground in Nashville and is not available online.

Concentration Areas available for Integrated Studies major:

In addition to the customizable Integrated Studies major, students may pursue any of the following concentrations for the Integrated Studies major:

Organizational Leadership Concentration:

Choose any 12 hours of Organizational Leadership (OGLD) courses.

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