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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Programs


The corporate institution known as Lipscomb University consists of a campus school, Lipscomb Academy, and a university. In addition to traditional undergraduate programs, the university provides not only an Adult Degree Program, which is a special undergraduate program for working adults, but also post-baccalaureate programs, offering professional, master’s and doctoral degrees along with several certificates of graduate study. Graduate and undergraduate programs are described briefly below. For more information on any of these programs, contact the offices listed below.

A. Graduate Programs

Biomolecular Science
The Department of Biology offers an M.S. in biomolecular science. This program is a 33-hour non-thesis professional master degree offered in a block format. Each block is eight weeks, with one calendar year consisting of five blocks. Students may enter the program three times each year (June, Aug., and Jan.). The program may be completed in as little as one calendar year provided that students enroll in two courses per block. To accommodate working professionals, most courses and laboratories are offered in the evening. For more information contact Kent Gallaher at 615.966.5174 or kent.gallaher@lipscomb.edu.

The Pfeffer Graduate School of Business offers four graduate degrees: MBA, MAcc, MM, and MHA. MBA students complete required classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings. Four areas of concentration are available (accounting & finance, health care management, leadership, or distributed). These concentration classes are taught at night or on weekends. The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) is also available, incorporating 27 accounting hours with three elective hours. Four areas of concentration are available (taxation, audit/accounting, data & analytics, or distributed). The Master of Management, with a health care focus (MMHC), is designed for early careerist with little to no work experience. The MMHC focuses on students who are either clinicians or those without a business undergraduate degree who want to understand the business of health care. In addition, students in Lipscomb’s pharmacy program can earn a MM while completing their PharmD degree. The Master of Health Administration (MHA) is focused on students with three or more years of experience who want to lead at the highest levels of health care organizations. Students in the MHA are those who want to understand and lead the business of health care at its highest levels.  Lipscomb also offers a dual degree combining the MBA with a Master of Science in Sustainability.  For further information, contact the graduate business office at 615.966.1833 or www.lipscomb.edu/business/graduate-programs.

Computing and Technology
The College of Computing and Technology offers three innovative and uniquely multidisciplinary programs that prepare graduates for entrepreneurial, technical and executive leadership positions through advanced degree and certificate programs. The Master of Science (M.S.) in data science is a 30–hour interdisciplinary program designed to train and equip data scientists with best-practice knowledge and current methodologies to make their businesses more agile. Students will learn skills to aggregate and analyze disparate types of data and to recognize patterns and trends within that data.
The Master of Science (M.S.) in information technology is a 30-hour program that provides a broad introduction to information technology in order to equip executive, managerial and information technology professionals with skills to create, plan, organize, lead and control information technologies.
The Master of Science (M.S.) in software engineering is a 30-hour program designed to equip professionals with a strong foundation of theory, best-practice knowledge, current methodologies and emerging technologies and their applications in software engineering- including architecture, design, planning, testing and management. All three programs are offered in an evening format to provide flexible schedules for working professionals. Certificates of Graduate Studies are offered in Data Science, Information Technology, And Software Engineering. For further information, contact the College of Computing and Technology (615.966.7500 or technology@lipscomb.edu) or visit lipscomb.edu/technology/graduate-programs.

Conflict Management
The Institute for Conflict Management offers a Certificate of Graduate Studies in conflict management and a Master of Arts in conflict management. For further information, contact ICM at 615.966.6680 or icm@lipscomb.edu.

Dietetics Internship
The Lipscomb dietetic internship is a program designed for individuals who have completed one of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics accredited undergraduate or certificate nutrition programs. Under the supervision of dietitians in the field, Lipscomb interns complete a minimum of 1220 hours of practice as well as additional coursework, beginning in early August until mid-May. Areas of practice include clinical, outpatient, community, wellness, and food service operations of dietetics. The Lipscomb dietetic internship offers three concentration experiences: Medical Nutrition Therapy, Sports Nutrition, or Health Promotion and Wellness. Upon completion of the program, interns are expected to have developed the skills necessary to become entry-level dietitians.

The College of Education offers Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership (administrative); English Language Learning; Instructional Coaching; Instructional Practice; Literacy Coaching; Reading Specialty; School Counseling; Special Education; Teaching, Learning and Leading; and Technology Integration, as well as a new Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Behavior Analysis. Programs are available for experienced educators, for those who want to enhance their careers in other appropriate fields and for individuals holding bachelor’s degrees who seek initial teacher licensure.
The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree is offered in Instructional Coaching; Educational Leadership (administrative); English Language Learning; Literacy Coaching; Reading Specialty, School Counseling, and Technology Integration.  The Ed.S. degree prepares a candidate for both leadership and teaching in the selected Ed.S. majors.
The Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D.) in Learning Organizations and Strategic Change is offered in an on-campus (two-year) or on-line (three year) format, featuring a cohort model that combines multiple learning venues with on-site, on-line and field-based course work.
Certificates of Graduate Studies are offered in Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis, Applied Behavior Analysis, English Language Learning, Instructional Coaching, Literacy Coaching, and Technology Integration. Graduate education programs have convenient on-line, evening and weekend classes. For further information, contact Amanda Logsdon in the Office of Outreach and Enrollment for the College of Education, at 615.966.7199 or amanda.logsdon@lipscomb.edu.

Exercise and Nutrition Science
Lipscomb University offers a Master of Science in exercise and nutrition science, combining the disciplines of exercise science and nutrition. Students with a background in nutrition, exercise science, or other allied health or science areas will have advanced educational opportunities in either a wellness (working with healthy individuals) or clinical track. For further information, contact Matthew Ruiz, director of graduate studies in exercise and nutrition science, at 615.966.5203 or matthew.ruiz@lipscomb.edu.

Film and Creative Media
The Lipscomb University Master of Arts (M.A.) in film and creative media is a 36-hour graduate program designed to educate the next generation of artists to be independent, entrepreneurial filmmakers.
The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in film and creative media is a 62-75 hour program. These are immersion programs that are: Experiential-Students create several media projects in an array of formats and genres. Entrepreneurial- Students are expected not only to create media for the classroom, they are encouraged to reach out to artists and companies in Nashville to create content. Professional-Students will gain experience through one of several production companies in the Nashville area. A dual degree combining the MBA with a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Creative Media is also available. To accommodate working professionals, courses are offered on-line, in the evening and on Saturdays. For more information contact Steve Taylor at 615.966.7111 or rstaylor@lipscomb.edu.

Health Care Informatics
The Master of Science in Health Care Informatics (M.S.) is a 42-hour interdisciplinary program which includes courses from health sciences, business management, and information technology. Health care informatics is a growing and emerging discipline which evaluates the application of biomedical informatics methods and techniques utilized in the provision of health care services. Also included is the vital role HCI plays in enhancing the quality of care, reducing health care costs and addressing health issues. An important extension of this program is the Certificate in Health Care Informatics. This is a 15-hour program of advanced study in health care informatics and is comprised of five courses of the MHCI program.  For information on the Masters in Health Care Informatics, Certificate in Health Care Informatics or dual degree Pharm.D./MHCI, contact Beth Breeden, director of graduate studies in health care informatics, 615.966.7112 or beth.breeden@lipscomb.edu. 

Leadership and Public Service
The College of Leadership and Public Service offers the Masters of Arts in Leadership and Public Service (M.A.) degree. This 30 hour degree program is offered in a cohort format with one entry point per year. This degree models best practices of community engagement while combining these experiences with the specific skill sets and theoretical foundations of public policy and public service. For more information contact the School of Leadership and Public Service at 615.966.6690.

Lipscomb Online

Lipscomb Online is the home of the College of Professional Studies. If you are seeking one of the many completely online undergraduate and graduate degrees, please email online@lipscomb.edu for an electronic copy of the Lipscomb Online catalog.  Visit our website at: https://www.lipscomb.edu/online

The Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, an innovative dual degree combining the Pharm.D. and the Master of Science in Health Care Informatics (MHCI), and a dual degree combining the Pharm.D. and the Master of Management in Health Care (MMHC) in conjunction with the College of Business. In addition, the Pharm.D. and the Health Care Informatics certificate represents another unique curricular offering for student pharmacists. Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy has been granted full accreditation status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. The college has demonstrated to the satisfaction of ACPE that the program complies with accreditation standards, including the appropriateness of the program’s mission and goals, the adequacy of resources and organization to meet the mission and goals, outcomes which indicate that the mission and goals are being met, and the reasonable assurance of the continued compliance with standards. The College has fulfilled the accreditation requirements set forth by ACPE for the Professional Degree Program in Pharmacy and is granted Accreditation Status through June 30, 2026.  For information on the College of Pharmacy, contact Laura Ward, director of admissions and student affairs at 615.966.7173. 

The Pharm.D./MHCI is a comprehensive dual degree program which enhances pharmacy education with the development of competencies and skills in the utilization and integration of data, information, knowledge, technology and automation to enhance health care delivery outcomes. The dual degree is awarded to students who complete the 155 hours required for the Pharm.D. along with the 27 hours of graduate credits in Health Care Informatics. 

The Pharm.D./MMHC is a pragmatic program focusing on the leading and managing of people. This innovative dual degree enhances pharmacy education with practical business skills. The program will prepare students for highly competitive management positions in pharmacy, health care or business, as well as enhance skills in problem solving, leadership, and communication. This dual degree is awarded to students who complete the 155 hours required for the Pharm.D., along with the 30-hours of graduate credits in graduate business. 

Physician Assistant Studies
The School of Physician Assistant Studies is a faith-integrated 27-month master’s program that serves you and your vocational goals as you prepare to serve others. With small class sizes and connected faculty, gain hands-on training experience on-campus in Lipscomb’s state-of-the-art facilities, and off-campus in local hospitals, labs and other health care facilities. Earn your Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) degree and enter into a field that has a national 99.4 percent job placement rate. Through Lipscomb’s year-round program, you will complete seven semesters that include a 15-month didactic phase and a 12-month clinical phase. Through this interdisciplinary program, develop your skill set and gain unprecedented connections into Nashville’s thriving healthcare industry. Prepare to enter into a field with endless opportunities and jobs available, and learn vital skills to help those in need, today!   For more information contact program director, Stephen Heffington, at 615-966-7247 or stephen.heffington@lipscomb.edu.   

Psychology and Counseling 
The Department of Psychology, Counseling and Family Science offers an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, an M.S. in Psychology, and a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT). For further information, contact the graduate program office at 615.966.5906 or Kathi Johnson at kathi.johnson@lipscomb.edu.

The Institute for Sustainable Practice offers a Master of Science in Sustainability, a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Sustainability and a dual degree combining the MBA with an M.S. in Sustainability. (i.e. two diplomas are awarded). For more information, call 615.966.1771 or email sustainability@lipscomb.edu.

The Hazelip School of Theology offers the Doctor of Ministry, the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, the Master of Divinity and the Master of Theological Studies. For further information, contact Kathy Bickel, administrative assistant for the Hazelip School of Theology at 615.966.6053, or Frank Guertin, Assistant Dean and Director of the Hazelip School of Theology at 615.966.5352 or frank.guertin@lipscomb.edu.

B. Undergraduate Programs

  1. Traditional Liberal Arts and Pre-Professional Programs
    The undergraduate liberal arts and pre-professional offerings of the university lead to a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Professional Studies, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Contact the Admissions Office at 615.966.1776 or admissions@lipscomb.edu.
  2. Online Program
    The College of Professional Studies houses a completely online program for students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Professional Studies or BS in Integrated Studies, or a certificate in one of several undergraduate career concentrations. Courses are offered in eight-week terms or in all inclusive 6 month terms designed to accommodate busy schedules. The program offers competency-based education in on-line, self-paced modules with faculty coaches, as well as more traditional online approaches. Competency-based behavioral assessment as well as prior learning assessment options are available to students who qualify based on work experience and transfer credit(s). 

C. Lipscomb Academy

Lipscomb Academy offers pre-university training from pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade of high school. For further information, contact Greg Glenn, head of school for Lipscomb Academy, at 615.966.6355 or greg.glenn@lipscomb.edu.