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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Professional Studies

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Lipscomb Online

Ted Meyer, Interim Executive Director
Emily Smith, Associate Dean of Academics
Greg Carpenter, Assistant Professor
Michael Cauley, Associate Professor
Carolina Santiago-Stranahan, Assistant Professor
Jaclyn Spivey, Associate Professor

Lipscomb Online

The College of Professional Studies offers a fully online learning experience through Lipscomb Online. Although not every course offered in the traditional curriculum is available in Lipscomb Online, many of the online courses, especially in the general education curriculum, are exact replicas of the traditional, on-ground classes. Lipscomb Online courses are offered entirely asynchronously so you can complete your coursework no matter where you are. If you are seeking to take one of the many completely online undergraduate courses offered in Lipscomb Online, please review the class schedule for course sections of LO1 and LO2 and consult with your academic advisor. If you are seeking one of the many completely online undergraduate and graduate degrees, please visit https://www.lipscomb.edu/online/admissions for an electronic copy of the Lipscomb Online catalog.  Visit our full website at https://www.lipscomb.edu/online.

What is Lipscomb Online?

Lipscomb Online is a part of Lipscomb University that was created to provide an exceptional education experience for students who need or desire flexibility in their learning schedule. Lipscomb Online offers flexible degree and certificate programs fully online, designed to advance the student’s academic career and nurture the student’s faith. With the guidance of our caring, experienced faculty and the Lipscomb Online student success coaches, students will have the support and resources needed as they complete their online learning experience.

Our classes are offered entirely online so that students can have the flexibility they need to fit our classes in their schedule around their on-ground classes, work schedules, and personal time. Lipscomb Online programs feature a mix of innovative learning methods, encouragement from support staff, and one-on-one relationships with faculty. With our asynchronous online model, students can access the course content, complete assignments, and initiate or respond to interactions with professors anytime night or day.

Lipscomb Online Academic Policies and Expectations

Course Participation Policy

Students must complete at least one course assignment within the first two weeks of the term. If no work is completed during this timeframe, the student may be administratively removed from the course. 

End of Term Coursework Policy

Students are expected to plan ahead and pace themselves throughout the term and may not submit more than one unit’s worth of work in the final week of a Lipscomb Online course. 

Course Deadline Policy

The dates for Lipscomb Online terms could vary slightly from the traditional terms. Students are expected to pay attention to course announcements and course end dates and abide by due dates set by their faculty members.  

Course Withdrawal Policy

The last date to withdraw from a Lipscomb Online course is two weeks before the end of the term. Students may not withdraw from a course once they have submitted their final assessment.

Student Success Characteristics

Excellent time management skills, self-motivated, high achiever, recommended GPA of 2.75 or higher


The following programs are offered by Lipscomb Online:


Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Professional Studies

  • Business Leadership
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Analytics
  • Entertainment Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Integrated Studies
  • Organizational Communication
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Psychology and Leadership
  • Public Administration
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • Technology Management

Graduate Certificates

  • Competency-Based Education Design
  • Business Leadership
  • Global Leadership
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Performance Coaching

Master of Arts

Master of Professional Studies (composed of two graduate certificates)

  • Competency-Based Education Design
  • Business Leadership
  • Global Leadership
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
Below is a list of some of the online courses offered through the College of Professional Studies. Course descriptions are provided in the departmental sections of this catalog.
General Education Courses
  • BI 2893 Reading Your Life in the Biblical Narrative
  • BI 3213 Faith and Culture
  • BI 3433 Disciplines of Christian Living
  • CO 1003 Intro to Communication
  • EN 1113 Introduction to University Writing
  • EN 1313 University Writing
  • HI 2223 History of the United States II
  • LUEG 3093 Engagements: Creativity-Wonder, Work, Worship
  • LULT 2183 Reading, Watching, Participating in the Story
  • LUMS 2003 Power of Science: Biology/Chemistry
  • MA 1053 Survey of Algebra and Statistics
  • MA 1113 College of Algebra
  • PE 2012 Lifetime Wellness
  • PS 1113 Introduction to Psychology

Major Courses available for electives in traditional programs

This list is available in the electronic Lipscomb Catalogs at http://catalog.lipscomb.edu/.  Please visit https://www.lipscomb.edu/online/admissions for more information about Lipscomb Online.  Visit our full website at https://www.lipscomb.edu/online.