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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Medically-Related Preprofessional Programs

Matt Hearn, Chair, Health Professions Advisory Committee

Preparation for Admission to Medically-Related Professional Programs

Lipscomb University provides classes and courses of study which prepare students for admission to medically-related professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, cardiovascular profusion, medical technology, and dental hygiene programs. We also provide a curriculum that will prepare students to enter graduate nursing programs.

Lipscomb’s  health professions advisory program enjoys an excellent reputation for preparing successful applicants to medically-related professional schools, where they achieve exceptionally high acceptance rates. Students seeking entry into health care professional schools may major in any department in the university.  However, prerequisite courses required by schools in the health professions must be completed in biology, chemistry and physics.  At Lipscomb, these departments are known for their strength and effectiveness, and our alumni regularly report that Lipscomb prepared them well for the academic demands of professional school. Likewise, faculty and administration at the professional schools praise the readiness of Lipscomb students for advanced study. 

Health Professions Advisory Committee

Lipscomb University’s Health Professions Advisory Committee is composed of faculty from the sciences as well as other academic areas on campus. The HPAC provides information on healthcare professions and prerequisite courses for various professional schools, as well as workshops on interviewing and writing essays for admission to the schools. The committee interviews students planning to apply to medically-related professional programs and produces letters of recommendation for those programs. Students interested in pursuing careers in health care should register with the HPAC office to receive information about speakers, recruiters, job opportunities and other resources available to them. Information on pre-professional programs is available in the HPAC office and on the website:

Work Completed in Other Institutions

The offices of the HPAC and the registrar can provide information on the amount of work which must be completed at Lipscomb University before entering the professional school. Certain three-year programs can qualify a student for a baccalaureate degree at Lipscomb upon the satisfactory completion of the first year of professional school. A student must complete all general education requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degree, a minimum of 18 hours toward a major, and approximately 90 semester hours during the three years at Lipscomb. 

Program of Study Requirements