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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Data Analytics and Technology

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Jacob ArthurAssistant Dean, School of Data Analytics and Technology
Susan GalbreathProfessor
Ashley YarbroughAssistant Professor

The School of Data Analytics & Technology (SDAT) is the focal point for analytics in Lipscomb University’s College of Business.  The goal of the School is to develop students and serve the data and technology community, connecting to key industries, influencers, and thought leaders in Nashville and around the world.  The School offers a number of unique programs focused on the use of data and emerging technologies to solve challenging business and societal problems, as well as offering support to other programs and initiatives to improve the data literacy and effectiveness of programs across the university.  The SDAT prepares students for a future in a market where the most successful organizations are the ones that are data-led and data-driven.  We prepare students for that future with a focus on collaborative partnerships with industry, business, government, schools and nonprofit organizations that provide invaluable, real-world learning experiences. Data and analytics span virtually all segments of our world, and the methods to analyze it and learn from it enable our decisions to be grounded in evidence and afford us confidence when presenting solutions across a variety of fields. Come discover with us how we can prepare together to build and participate in the next generation of data-centric organizations.

Distinctives of the School

The School of Data Analytics & Technology (SDAT) offers majors in Data Analytics and Data Science that prepare students for careers dealing with data across a variety of organizations and expertise. In recent years, the field of data analytics has been one of the most rapidly transforming areas of technology, driven by advancements in computational power, data storage, and artificial intelligence. The School seeks to prepare students for the needs of modern organizations to leverage data as a strategic asset, enabling them to gain valuable insights, drive innovation, and make data-driven decisions.

The school also helps students connect academic learning to practical applications and professional life by requiring all students to complete a capstone course with real-world projects as well as an internship in their area of interest. This experience gives them a competitive advantage in the post-graduation marketplace. With over 36,000 employers within 30 minutes of campus, students have a wide range of internship and career options.

All business majors also have international experiences available beyond the traditional semester-long university offerings. These include rotating global International Business trips as well as Business as Mission trips to support entrepreneurs in the developing world.  

Data Analytics Major

Students pursuing a data analytics major complete a mix of courses in analytics, technology, math, and business, with a primary focus on practical capabilities of students to apply data to solve real-world problems.  The major requirements include courses in tools, technologies, and processes commonly used in the analysis of data, as well as a core set of business classes to assist students in connecting their data experiences to problems in organizations.  Students also have the options to select a set of three electives that allow them to achieve depth in an area of their choosing such as finance, marketing, or other specialization areas as desired.

Career Opportunities - Data Analytics
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Operations Analysts
  • Process Improvement Analyst
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Product Manager/Product Owner
  • Data Visualization Developer
Data Science Major

Students pursuing a data science major complete a mix of courses in analytics, technology, math, and business, with a primary focus on the algorithms, statistics, and techniques that are commonly used within the analytics space.  The major requirements include an additional focus on the underlying math and technology concepts which support the processes for data analytics, as well as courses designed to provide a foundation for design and development of novel approaches to data.

Career Opportunities - Data Science
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Architects
  • Database Administrators
  • Researchers and Data Educators
Other Events and Programs
  • Business Chapels. The College of Business conducts a number of breakout chapel services throughout each fall and spring term.  Students hear Christian leaders express how their faith intersects with their careers and lives.
  • Career and Networking Events. Students can network with employers at these events and learn about career opportunities. 
  • Internships. Students are required to participate in the internship program where students work in a professional environment while earning academic credit. Many also receive financial compensation.
  • Entrepreneurship. Students can participate in a variety of activities surrounding entrepreneurship including new venture pitch competitions, entrepreneurship internships and business as mission trips. The annual Kittrell competition includes cash prizes for promising ventures.  Many of these activities are organized by Lipscomb’s chapter of CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization).  
  • Student Center for the Public Trust. Lipscomb University is home to the inaugural Student Center for the Public Trust chapter, created in 2009 by the NASBA Center for the Public Trust, to focus on educating and engaging future business leaders on ethics, accountability and integrity. The mission of the SCPT is to promote ethical thinking in the developing character and conscience of students. The SCPT enables students to develop a real awareness of ethical issues that will provide a moral and ethical foundation for their lives.
  • Awards of Excellence and Scholarship. Junior and seniors with strong academic records majoring in marketing are recognized for their excellence and scholarship at the annual College of Business awards banquet.

Program of Study Requirements


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