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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Administration and Staff

Executive Leadership Team

L. Randolph Lowry, President
W. Craig Bledsoe, Provost, Chief Academic Officer
Jeff Baughn, Senior Vice President, Finance & Technology
Susan Galbreath, Senior Vice President, Strategy
John Lowry, Senior Vice President, Advancement
Matt Paden, Senior Vice President, Enrollment and Student Engagement
Brad Schultz, Head of School, Lipscomb Academy
William Turner, Distinguished Professor, Special Counsel to the President, Diversity & Inclusion
David Wilson, General Counsel

Senior Leadership Team

L. Randolph Lowry, President
Craig Bledsoe, Provost, Chief Academic Officer
Jeff Baughn, Senior Vice President, Finance & Technology
Dave Bruno, Vice President, Marketing
Darrell Duncan, Vice President, Finance
Kevin Eidson, Director of Health and Wellness
Susan Galbreath, Senior Vice President, Strategy
Christy Hooper, Vice President, Human Resources
Philip Hutcheson, Director of Athletics
Walt Leaver, Vice President, University Relations
Byron Lewis, Vice President, Enrollment Management
John Lowry, Senior Vice President, Advancement
Matt Paden, Senior Vice President, Enrollment and Student Engagement
Scott Sager, Vice President, Church Relations
Brad Schultz, Head of School, Lipscomb Academy
William Turner, Distinguished Professor, Special Counsel to the President, Diversity & Inclusion
David Wilson, General Counsel
TBD, Vice President, Student Life

Academic Leadership Team

W. Craig Bledsoe, Provost
Randy Bouldin, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Leonard Allen, Dean, College of Bible and Ministry
Norma Burgess, Associate Provost, Diversity, Inclusion, & Special Initiatives​
Quincy Byrdsong, Vice Provost, Health Affairs
Ray Eldridge, Dean, College of Business
David Elrod, Dean, Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering
Mike Fernandez, Dean, George Shinn College of Entertainment and the Arts 
Elaine Griffin, Vice Provost, Accreditation & Institutional Effectiveness
Trace Hebert, Interim Dean, College of Education
David Holmes, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Rebecca Johns, Director for Academic Finance
Steve Joiner, Dean, College of Leadership and Public Service
Byron Lewis, Vice President of Enrollment Management
Ted Meyer, Interim Executive Director, Lipscomb Online
Steve Nordstrom, Interim Dean, College of Computing and Technology
Steve Prewitt, Associate Provost, Student Academic Support
Catherine Terry, Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Strategic Initiatives​
TBD, University Registrar

Academic Curriculum Team

Randy Bouldin, Chair, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs 
Steve Bonner, College of Bible and Ministry
Beki Baker, George Shinn College of Entertainment and the Arts
Reggie Blair, Admissions
Andy Borchers, College of Business
Elaine Griffin, Accreditation & Institutional Effectiveness
Fort Gwinn, Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering 
Rachael Milligan, College of Education
Florah Mhlanga, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Britt Mountford, Beaman Library
Alfa Nyandoro, College of Computing and Technology
Michelle Steele, College of Leadership and Public Service
Catherine Terry, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 
Melissa Swann, General Education
TBD, University Registrar

Academic Success Center

Randy Bouldin, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs 
Todd Beard, Director, English for Academic Purposes and Cohort Coach
Amy Crossland, Assistant Director, ACCESS Ability
Andrea Davis, Coordinator
Matt Forsthoff, Cohort Coach
Sonya Green, Writing Studio Coordinator
Gary Hall, Math Lab Coordinator
Beth Jent, Director, ACCESS Ability
Melissa Lowry, Cohort Coach
Molly Mansfield, Director, Academic Advising
Cori Mathis, Writing Studio Assistant Coordinator
Teresa Williams, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for Academic Success

Academic Support Staff

Nicole Anderson, College of Business
Alexandria Arnette, College of Business
Marcella Barbosa, Department of Archaeology
Stacey Beyer, Physician Assistant Studies
Kathy Bickel, College of Bible and Ministry
Laura Borgmann, College of Professional Studies
Kelly Bridges, College of Education
Davis Brown, College of Business
Lorie Browning, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Janice Cato, Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering
Mark Chandler, Machinist - Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering
Urszula Collier, Psychology and Family Therapy
Tina Cozby, College of Professional Studies
Deidra Cummings, College of Education
Morgan DeLong, College of Leadership and Public Service 
Shawna Denny, Department of Biology
Jenifer Evans, College of Education
Vicki Gaw, Social Work and Sociology, History, Politics & Philosophy
Rachael Harley, Biology Department, Biomolecular Science
Janet Hudson, Health Professions, Chemistry
Mia Jaye Jackson, School of Art and Design
Tonya Jernigan, College of Business
Ashlyn Jones, George Shinn College of Entertainment and the Arts
Kyla Jones, School of Nursing
Olivia Lusk, College of Business
Beth Mangrum, College of Business
Lori Martin, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Kathryn Mick, School of Nursing
Kellye McCool, College of Bible and Ministry
Lanae Heintzman, College of Pharmacy 
Melinda McCormac, School of Nursing
Kristi McGimsey, College of Education
Carolee McPherson, Music Department
Rosemary McPherson, College of Leadership and Pubic Service 
Katlyn Nowers, College of Bible and Ministry
John Moss, Physics Labs
Micah Ness, College of Education
Amy Owen, College of Education
Sheryl Palmer, Marriage and Family Therapy
Danna Perry, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Linda Price, Kinesiology Department
Erin Richardson, Global Learning
Pat Roberts, Biology Department
Tammy Robertson, College of Business
Suzanne Sager, College of Business
Ginger Saunders, Nutrition Department
Kim Smith, School of Nursing
Holly Spencer, Biology Department, Biomolecular Science
Nancy Stephen, Physician Assistant Studies
Kristen Ann Thompson, Honors College
Kathy Thurman, Communication and Journalism Department
Kenna Tomberlin, English and Modern Languages Department 
Rebekah Tran, College of Education
Jenna Vance, Psychology and Counseling
Mike Vantrease, Chemistry Labs
Julie Woodroof, College of Bible and Ministry
Sam Wright, Lab Mgr. - Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering
Kymberly Yates, Theatre


John Lowry, Senior Vice President for Advancement
Hudson Akin, Executive Director, the Capital Campaign
David Bass, Asst. Dean, Raymond Jones College of Engineering
Becca Bennie, Assistant Director, Annual Giving
Miranda Buell, Advancement Services Coordinator
Stephanie Carroll, Assistant Vice President, Annual Giving and Alumni/Parent Engagement
Kendall Crosslin, Advancement Services Coordinator
Ralston Drake, Assistant Director, Young Alumni and Student Programs
David England, Associate Vice President, Advancement
Charlotte Poling, Assistant Dean, College of Entertainment and the Arts
Hannah Gambrell, Advancement Services Coordinator
Debbie Haislip, Executive Assistant
Amy Hamar, Director, Lifelong Learning and Senior Alumni Programs 
Karin Hensley, Associate Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations
Jenny Lovell, Director, Annual Giving
Amanda Martin, Director, Office of Neighborhood, Community and Government Relations
Rhonda Minton, Director, Strategic Communications for Advancement
Bethany Perala, Associate Director of Annual Giving
Tom Riley, Development Officer and Outreach Director, Bible & Ministry
Robyn Saakian, Director, Grant Services
Laura Y. Sears, Alumni Communities and Events
Sydney Stout, Administrative Assistant
Paul Stovall, Director, Center for Estate and Gift Planning
Carrie Thompson, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Services
Debbie Tumblin, Director, Advancement Information Systems
Laura Tywater, Coordinator, Lifelong Learning Programs


Philip Hutcheson, Director of Athletics
Phillip Beeman, Coordinator of Athletic Business Services
Kirk Downs, Director of Communications
Bryan Eagle, Associate AD - Operations & Facilities
Sherie Eubanks, Compliance/Academics Assistant/Cheerleading Coach
John Ezell, Associate Director for Compliance and Budgets
Tanner Hibbs, Video Production Coordinator
Kent Johnson, Faculty Athletics Representative
Chris Klotz, Director of Spiritual Formation
Rhonda Lehmer, Administrative Assistant
Shelby McCreary, Administrative Assistant
Brent McMillian, Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs
Grace Ann Miller, Director of Academic Services
Shannon O’Brien, Director of Spiritual Formation for Women
Bridget Perine, Director of Marketing
Colby Ralls, Manager of Athletic Grounds
Hanna Jo Riley, Communications Assistant
Alex Ross, Assistant Director of Operations
Bryan Ryman, Director of Operations
Ben Schram, External Operations Coordinator
Emma Such, Director of Academic Services

Beaman Library

Julie Harston, Director
Jan Cohu, Assistant Librarian
Rebecca Doom, Assistant Librarian
Lisa Mortensen, Assistant
Brittany Mountford, Assistant Librarian
Susan Phifer, Assistant
Elizabeth Rivera, Associate Librarian
Morgan Turner, Administrative Coordinator

Bookstore (operated by Tree of Life)

Rachel Measell, Bookstore Manager

Business Office

Darrell Duncan, Vice President, Finance
Benjamin Bleyle, Student Account Representative

Ashley Borders, Director of Finance
Candice Coon, Associate Bursar/e-Commerce Coordinator
Shelia Demonbreun, Student Account and Collections Representative
Karie Duke, Real Estate Manager
Laura Essner, Accountant
Tanisha Evans, Accountant/Student Accounts
Cathy Freeman, Bursar
Kevin Kaiser, Accountant
Misty Newby, Accountant/Technical Support
Josh Oakley, Accounting Manager, Endowment & Investments
Ginger Santiago, Accounts Payable Representative
Joe Simpson, Rental Property Maintenance Technician
Rachel Thomas, Accounts Payable Representative
Michelle Upton, Accountant/ Student Account Representative
Leigh Ann Webb, Accounts Payable Manager
Laura Weller, Student Account Representative
Willie Wimmer, Cashier Manager/Student Account Representative

Campus Construction

Mike Engelman, Director
Jennifer Overstreet, Assistant Construction Coordinator


Donna King, Carillonneur

Center for Teaching and Learning

Catherine Terry, Associate Provost, Academic and Strategic Initiatives
Hope Nordstrom, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning 
Julie Osteen, Assistant Director, Center for Instructional Technology

Center for Spiritual Renewal

Carl McKelvey, Director

Dining Services (operated by Sodexo)

Anthony Bates, General Manager
Elizabeth Strickland, Catering Administrative Supervisor
Jody Young, Catering Director

Enrollment Management

Byron Lewis, Vice President for Enrollment Management
TBD, Senior Director of Enrollment Technology

Undergraduate Admission:

Johnathan Akin, Assistant VP of Undergraduate Admission
Reggie Blair, Senior Director of Admission
Dana Anderson, Director of Campus Visits
Amanda Bardy, Assistant Director of Admission: Marketing and Communication
Aaron Burtch, Associate Director of Transfer Student Recruitment
Kenna Chen, Sr. Admission Counselor for Transfers
Conner Crocker, Assistant Director of Admission
Ashley Jackson, Admission Recruiter, School of Nursing
Laura Jernigan, Enrollment Records Specialist
Graham Kiser, Admission Counselor
Lori Ligon, Admission Outreach Coordinator
Teresa Maxwell, Administrative Assistant
Sarah Messer, Assistant Director of Admission
Jessi Mestan, Assistant Director of Admission Events
Roman Ottinger, Admission Counselor
Patricia Pena, Admission Counselor
Sharday Randle, Enrollment Records Specialist
Matthew Samek,  Assistant Director of Admission
Paul Stevens, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment Systems
Lazara Thurman, Enrollment Records Specialist
Jordan Webb, Admission Counselor
Mary Welch, Guest Experiences Coordinator
Caroline White, Sr. Admission Counselor
Open, Assistant Director of International Admission
Open, Assistant Director of Transfer Admission

Graduate Admission:

Jason Hamilton, Assistant VP of Graduate and Corporate Recruiting                                                 
Kristin Blankenship, Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Education
Chase Froud, Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment, Hazelip School of Theology
Kathi Johnson, Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chuck Kincade, Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Computing & Technology
Catherine Lillicrap, Graduate Enrollment Recruiter, Health Sciences
Caitlin Mullins, Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Education
Paige Neighbors, Enrollment Specialist
Frank Osteen, Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Leadership & Public Service
Karen Risley, Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Business
Will Scism, Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Business
Kari Smith, Enrollment Specialist
Ashley Swift, Graduate Enrollment Recruiter, College of Pharmacy
Launa Tidwell, Communication Coordinator
Emily Tjahjono, Director of Graduate Admission Recruitment Systems, Biomolecular Science​
Laura Ward, Director of Graduate Enrollment, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Entertainment and Technical Services

Jamie Shankland, Assistant Vice President, ETS
Bob Nickel, Assistant Director
Ryan Cox, Maintenance Engineer
Austin Hall, Lead LED Wall Graphics
Caleb Hendrick, Broadcast Engineer
Graham Hughes, Lead Audio
Stephen Moss, Lead Lighting
Darren Spann, Operations Lead


Event Management:
Haley Davis, Assistant Vice President for Events
Wendy Archer, Event Housing and Scheduling Coordinator
Abby Besson, Event Coordinator
Willie Charpentier, Event Assistant
Shelby Christian, Event Manager
Brittany Cleaver, Event Manager
Bodhi Dark, Hotel Manager
Anamarie Knapp, Senior Manager of Scheduling, Budgets, and Hotel Operations
Rhonda Lehmer, Box Office Assistant
TBD, Guest Experience Lead, Bison Inn

Event Operations:
Josh Key, Event Operations Manager
Mikayla McFerran, Set Up Coordinator

Finance and Administration

India Triplett, Accounting Assistant

Financial Aid

Tiffany Summers, Director
Regina Gilbert, Assistant Director
Zac Miller, Assistant Director
Kim Austin, Counselor
Mindy Fernandez, Counselor
Denise Forgette, Technical Support Counselor
Tamera Spivey, Counselor
Haley Webster, Counselor

General Counsel

David Wilson, General Counsel
Whitney Hickerson, Legal Analyst

Graduate Studies

Randy Bouldin, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Barbara Blackman, Administrative Assistant/Coordinator


David Holmes, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Thomas Davis, Department Chair and Associate Director of the LCA
Steven Ortiz, Director of the Lanier Center for Archaeology (LCA)
Marcella Barbosa, Administrative Assistant and Educational Coordinator

Biomolecular Science:

David Holmes, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Bonny Millimaki, Program Director
Emily Tjahjono, Director of Graduate Admission Recruitment Systems​
Holly Spencer, Administrative Assistant


Ray Eldridge, Dean, College of Business
Rick Holaway, Director, Graduate Programs
Bart Liddle, Associate Dean, Academic Excellence
Perry Moore,  Director, Accreditation
TBD, Director, Master of Accountancy Program
Donita Brown, Director, Health Care Programs
Tonya Jernigan, Senior Manager, Student Services 

Cardiovascular Perfusion:

Quincy Byrdsong, Vice Provost for Health Affairs


David Holmes, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Robert C. Chandler, Programs Director

Computing & Technology:

Steve Nordstrom, Interim Dean, College of Computing & Technology
Laura Borgmann, Administrative Assistant 

Conflict Management:

Steve Joiner, Dean, Executive Director, Dean, College of Leadership and Public Service
Michelle Steele, Associate Dean of Academics, College of Leadership and Public Service
Matt Milligan, Director
Rosemary McPherson, Program Coordinator


Trace Hebert, Interim Dean, College of Education, Director, Doctor of Education
Rachael Milligan, Assistant Dean, College of Education
Kelly Bridges, Executive Assistant, Program Manager
Kristin Blankenship, Outreach and Enrollment Manager

Exercise and Nutrition Science:

Matthew Ruiz, Program Director
Linda Price, Administrative Assistant

Film and Creative Media:

Mike Fernandez, Dean, George Shinn College of Entertainment and the Arts
Steve Taylor, Director, School of Theatre & Cinematic Arts
Melissa Forte, Director, Cinematic Arts

Health Care Informatics:

Beth Breeden, Director of Health Care Informatics program
Laura Ward, Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
Lanae Heintzman, Program Coordinator

Leadership and Public Service:

Steve Joiner, Dean, College of Leadership and Public Service
Michelle Steele, Associate Dean of Academics, College of Leadership and Public Service 
Mark White, Director of Community and Government Outreach 
Morgan DeLong, Program Coordinator

Lipscomb Online:

Ted Meyer, Interim Executive Director, Lipscomb Online
Emily Smith, Associate Dean of Academics

Pharmacy & Health Care Informatics:

Tom Campbell, Dean, College of Pharmacy
Beth Breeden, Director of Health Care Informatics program
Laura Ward, Director of Enrollment and Student Affairs
Lorie Browning, Program Coordinator
​Lanae Heintzman, Program Coordinator

Physician Assistant Studies:

Stephen Heffington, Program Director
Stacey Beyer, Administrative Assistant
Aven Humphreys, Director of Student Affairs
Shelby Lankford, Graduate Enrollment Recruiter
Nancy Stephen, Coordinator of Operations

Psychology and Counseling:

David Holmes, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Shanna Ray, Department Chair; Director, M.S. in Psychology
Chris Gonzalez, Director, Master of Marriage & Family Therapy
Jake Morris, Director, M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Kathi Johnson, Director of Graduate Enrollment
Urszula Collier, Administrative Assistant
Jenna Vance, Administrative Assistant

Sustainable Practice:

Steve Joiner, Dean, College of Leadership and Public Service
Michelle Steele, Associate Dean of Academics, College of Leadership and Public Service
Dodd Galbreath, Director of Graduate Programs 
Rosemary McPherson, Program Coordinator


Leonard Allen, Dean, College of Bible and Ministry
Frank Guertin, Assistant Dean, Director, Hazelip School of Theology
Carlus Gupton, Director, Doctor of Ministry Program
Kathy Bickel, Administrative Assistant
Kellye McCool, Coordinator of Student Assessment

Health Services

Erin Keckley, Director and Nurse Practitioner
Melanie Stewart, Clinic Charge Nurse
Julie Dale, Registered Nurse
David Ayes, Quality Improvement Coordinator
Roletha Pillow, Nurse Practitioner

Health Professions Advisory Office

Matt Hearn, Chair, Health Professions Advisory Committee
Janet Hudson, Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Christy Hooper, Vice President
Lynn Chappin, HR Associate Director
Kelly Broihier, Human Resources Specialist
Jenny Ferrell, Benefits and Payroll Representative 
Tricia Mullins, Human Resources Assistant
Diana Staley, Payroll Manager

Information Technology

Brett Hinson, Vice President, Information Technology
Cindy Mears, Executive Assistant to the VP
Phillip Brackett, Technical Specialist
Jason Burton, Telecom Administrator
Josh Cagle, Programmer/Analyst
Jennifer Cameron, Director of Information Systems
Tim Cox, Network Manager
Jan Cronin, Technical Specialist
Jessica Daniel, Director, Infrastructure and Security
Barry Graves, Infrastructure Support
Brad Ham, Technical Specialist
Tyler Lallathin, Technical Specialist
Elizabeth Owensby, Switchboard Operator
Michelle Putnam, Database Administrator
Jeff Scott, Director, Support
Eddy Spain, Programmer/Analyst
Joe Trimble, Director, IT Administrative Systems
Brenda West, Switchboard Operator


Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation:
Trace Hebert, Interim Dean, College of Education
Rachael Milligan, Managing Director            

Dean Institute of Corporate Governance and Integrity:
Turney Stevens, Director

Institute for Christian Spirituality:
Leonard Allen, Dean, College of Bible and Ministry
Earl Lavender, Founding Director
Kris Miller, Director

Institute for Conflict Management:
Steve Joiner, Dean, Executive Director
Matt Milligan, Director 
Annie Holmes, Senior Manager of Student Success, School of Public Policy

Fred D. Gray Institute for Law, Justice and Society:
Kimberly McCall, Director

Institute for Sustainable Practice:
Emily Stutzman Jones, Director of Undergraduate Programs
Dodd Galbreath, Director of Graduate Programs 

Institutional Effectiveness

Elaine Griffin, Vice Provost, Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness
Catherine Terry, Associate Provost, Academic Administration & Strategic Initiatives​

Institutional Research

Matt Rehbein, Director of Institutional Research

Missional Studies

Earl Lavender, Director of Missional Studies
Tyler Kemmerer, Director of Missions

Postal Services (The Connection)

Ronnie Farris, Director
Karen Tidwell, Assistant Director
Walker Cheatham, Assistant Post Office Supervisor

President’s Office

L. Randolph Lowry, President
Landon Parrish, Assistant to the President
Keely Hagan, Communication Coordinator
Leslie Landiss, Executive Assistant

Provost’s Office

Craig Bledsoe, Provost
Randy Bouldin, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs; Interim Dean, Beaman Library, Academic Success Center
Quincy Byrdsong, Vice Provost, Health Affairs
Elaine Griffin, Vice Provost, Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness
Norma Burgess, Associate Provost, Diversity, Inclusion, & Special Initiatives
Steve Prewitt, Associate Provost, Student Academic Support
Catherine Terry, Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Strategic Initiatives​
Barbara Blackman, Administrative Assistant/Coordinator, Graduate Studies, Academic Affairs
Mary Emily Bouldin, Executive Assistant
Susan Lloyd, Research Administrator and Academic Compensation Analyst
Susan Nelson, Academic Events
Melissa Swann, Special Assistant to the Provost
Rebecca Johns, Director of Academic Finance

Public Relations

Kim Chaudoin, Assistant Vice President, Public Relations and Communication
Kristi Jones, Senior Manager, University Photography Services
Kalli Groce, Communication Coordinator 
Janel Shoun-Smith, Senior Manager, Communications

Registrar’s Office

TBD, University Registrar
Angel Bebout, Associate Registrar
Barry Kendall, Associate Registrar for Academic Technology
Alaina Griggs, Associate Registrar
TBD, Commencement Coordinator
Sandra Petty, Student Services Coordinator
Brenna Shockey, Student Records Specialist
Elsa Vester, Transfer Credentials Specialist
TBD, Transfer Credentials Specialist, Veterans

Risk Management

Kathy Hargis, Assistant Vice President, Risk Management

Service Operations

Jeff Wilson, Director, Campus Plant and Retail Operations
Cynthia Smith, Administrative Assistant

Special Academic Programs

EAP Program:
Todd Beard, Director, English for Academic Purposes

IDEAL Program:
Andrea Pewitt, Program Director
Laura Roberts, Assistant Program Director
Ibtissam (Eby) Browning, Program Manager
Rachelle Mills, Program Manager, Job Development
Sarah Roe-Hall, Program Manager, Community Relations
Lexie Burch, Residential Coordinator

Global Learning Program:
Rebecca Zanolini, Director, Global Learning
Chandler Brais, Global Scholar Program Manager
Bethany Grant, Residence Director, Costa Rica
Erin Richardson, Administrative Assistant
Kate Minchew, Global Learning Coordinator; Residence Director, London, UK
Emily Woodroof, Residence Director, Florence, Italy

Honors College:
Alan Bradshaw, Director
Kristen Thompson, Administrative Assistant 

LIGHT: Illuminating Cultural Engagement:
Cori Mathis, Director of LIGHT and the Writing Studio

College of Professional Studies:
Ted Meyer, Interim Executive Director, Lipscomb Online
Shawn Burgs, Assessment Center Manager​
James Bush, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Elizabeth Byerly, Accountant/Budget Manager
Nanci Carter, Registrar, Online Programs
Tina Cozby, Office Manager 
Nancy Cranford, Academic Manager
Kelli Garrett, Director, Assessment 
Nicole Glover, Student Success Coach
Julie Harper, Director of Advising
Whitney Holland, Registrar Assistant 
Rebekah Osteen, Admissions Counselor
Emily Smith, Associate Dean, Academics 
Micah Spiers, Admissions Counselor
Lydia Steele, Instructional Design Director  

The SALT Program: Serving and Learning Together:
Melissa Swann, Director, Service-Learning

Student Life

Matt Paden, Interim Dean of Students
Tasha Coleman, Director, Community Standards
Kathy Meadows, Executive Assistant

Community Life:
Prentice Ashford, Dean
Kelvin Kelley, Director, Student Productions & Social Clubs
Candace Williams, Director, Intercultural Development & Student Organizations
Kelsy Campbell, Student Productions & Social Clubs Coordinator
Erastos Evdoxiadis, Community Life Coordinator
Juan Reveles, International Student Services Coordinator

Housing & Residence Life:
Laurie Sain, Dean
Rachel Smiley, Director, Housing
Jonathan Williams, Director, Residence Life & Residence Hall Director/The Village
Asa Bailey, Residence Hall Director/Johnson Hall
Nate Barton, Residence Hall Director/Sewell Hall
Rachael Clark, Residence Hall Director/Fanning Hall
Nora Johnson, Residence Hall Director/Elam
Mike Smith, Residence Hall Director/High Rise
Lexie Walden, Residence Hall Director/Bison Hall

Kyle Dickerson, Chief - Executive Director
Zack Barletta, Captain - Director, Communications
Shane Lumpkins, Captain - Director, Patrol Operations
Ryan Mobbs, Captain - Director of Community Operations, Special Operations & Events and Training
Daniel Meeks, 2nd Lieutenant - Parking
Grant Robarts, 2nd Lieutenant - Supervisor, 2nd Shift
Julius Whitaker, 2nd Lieutenant - Supervisor, 3rd Shift
Jim Foy, Sgt., School Resource Officer (Lower School)
Johnny Poole, Sgt.
Carrie Andersen, Officer
Jay Brocklebank, Officer
Tameka Czech, Communications Officer
Jeremy Davis, Officer
Isaac Eubanks, School Resource Officer (Upper School)
Paul Granda, Officer (SPARK)
Doug Jones, Officer
Greg Phillipy, Officer
Patrick Shahade, Communications Officer
Ken Solts, Communications Officer
Rich Millett, Administrative Assistant

Student Wellbeing:
Dannie Woods, Dean
Blaine Donoho, Director of Campus Recreation & Wellness
Megan Johnson, Assistant Director of Student Wellbeing
Paige Benda, Student Care Coordinator
Sarah McCormack, Student Care Coordinator

University Counseling Center:
Andrea Mills, Director
Ashley Dumas, Assistant Director
Jeremy King, Clinical Supervisor
Allie Felber, Intake/Triage Counselor
Kathy Loggins, Counselor
Robyne Greene, Office Manager

Vocation & Formation
Deron Smith, Dean, Vocation and Spiritual Formation
Falon Barton, Director of Spiritual Formation
Brent Roe-Hall, Director of Vocation Formation
Hannah Gambrell, Spiritual Formation Coordinator

Career Development Center
Monica Wentworth, Director and Assistant Dean
Allison West, Assistant Director
Diane Cothran, Coordinator

Veteran Services
Sam Lynn, Director
Jimmy Handley, Outreach Coordinator
Dianne Frank, Project Coordinator
Billie Scroggins, VA Certifying Official
Katey Baggett, Administrative Assistant (PT)

Student Publications Advisers

Paul Gibson, Lumination Radio
Alan Griggs, Lumination News
Tim Ghianni, Lumination Network
Jimmy McCollum, Lumination Network

University Marketing

Dave Bruno, Vice President of Marketing
Emily Ashby, Graphic Designer
Tabitha Barbé, Social Media & Web Content Specialist
Zach Bowen, Graphic Designer
Mary Kate Grant, Web Content and Copywriting Specialist
Will Mason, Creative Director
Caroline Mullins, Director of Advertising and Marketing
Josh Shaw, Senior Marketing Videography Manager
Tyler Williams, Assistant Project Manager